List of Scanned Plates from Teichman and others



The Plate shown above is a photograph taken not far south of Jian Zhou (劍州) on the Jinniu Road (金牛道) by Mrs Isabella "Bird" Bishop in 1897. Isabella Bishop labels it as the "Ta-Lu" or Great Road (Da Lu, 大路) meaning the postal road between Beijing and Chengdu that had been the "Great Road" since at least the Yuan Period when it was travelled by Marco Polo. The Plate has been scanned from an original printed copy in an early edition but still has some capacity for enhancement and noise reduction.


Most of the following images were scanned at 400 or 600 ppi using a standard office scanner.

One set of 18 comprises the relevant Plates on the Shu Roads taken by:

Teichman, Eric (1921). Travels of a Consular Officer in North-west China, Cambridge University Press, 1921.

Another single Plate is from the book:

Bishop, Mrs J.F. (Isabella L. Bird) (1900). The Yangtze Valley and Beyond. In two volumes. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, London: John Murray.

There is also a single Plate (a Gravure) from the book:

Piassetsky, P. (1884). Russian travellers in Mongolia and China. Translated by J. Gordon-Cumming. London: Chapman & Hall. Two volumes.

Photos and plates will be added if they are improved or others scanned. Plate IV will be replaced soon. It was too low resolution but is shown for information.


Plate Number

Picture Jpeg Name


Plate IV (U)

Plate_IV_U.jpg (1.51 MB)

Gorges of the Ch'ienyu River (Qianyou He, 乾佑河) below Chenan (Zhen'an Xian, 镇安县)

Plate IV (L)

Plate_IV_L.jpg (1.64 MB)

Fording the Ch'ienyu River below Chenan

Plate V (U)

Plate_V_U.jpg (1.67 MB)

Chaitzu (Hill Fort, Zhaizi, 寨子) on the Ch'ienyu River

Plate V (L)

Plate_V_L.jpg (1.63 MB)

Canoe boat on the Ch'ienyu River

Plate VI (U)

Plate_VI_U.jpg (1.31 MB)

Glen on the road between Hanyin (汉阴) and Shich'uan (Shiquan, 石泉)

Plate VI (L)

Plate_VI_L.jpg (1.04 MB)

Gorges of Han River above Shich'uan

Plate VII (U)

Plate_VII_U.jpg (1.20 MB)

Han River at Ch'a Chen (Cha Zhen, 茶镇)

Plate VII (L)

Plate_VII_L.jpg (0.95 MB)

Muma River (牧马河) above Hsihsiang (Xixiang, 西乡)

Plate VIII (U)

Plate_VIII_U.jpg (1.21 MB)

Trail through the foothills near Kulupa (Guluba, 古路坝)

Plate VIII (L)

Plate_VIII_L.jpg (1.07 MB)

Approaching Kulupa

Plate IX (U)

Plate_IX_U.jpg (1.61 MB)

Gorge in the Ch'inling Shan (Qinling Shan, 秦岭山) on the trail to Fop'ing (Foping Ting, 佛坪厅)

Plate IX (L)

Plate_IX_L.jpg (1.26 MB)

Accident to a pony on the Fop'ing trail

Plate X (U)

Plate_X_U.jpg (1.16 MB)

View from the Hsinglung Ling (Xinglong Ling, 兴龙岭) on the Fop'ing trail

Plate X (L)

Plate_X_L.jpg (1.07 MB)

View from the Hsinglung Ling on the Fop'ing trail

Plate XX (U)

Plate_XX_U.jpg (1.31 MB)

Summit of Ch'inling Pass on main road to Szechuan (Sichuan, 四川)

Plate XX (L)

Plate_XX_L.jpg (1.26 MB)

Tung River (Dong He, 东河) Valley near Fenghsien (Fengxian, 凤县) in S.W. Shensi

Plate XXI (U)

Plate_XXI_U.jpg (1.19 MB)

City of Liupa T'ing (Liuba Ting, 留坝厅), S.W. Shensi (Shaanxi, 陕西)

Plate XXI (L)

Plate_XXI_L.jpg (1.33 MB)

Valley in S.W. Shensi near Szechuan border

Da Lu

Isabella_Bird_Da_Lu_1896.jpg (1.29 MB)

Bridge on the Talu (Da Lu, 大路)

Han Rapids

River_Hazards_Piassetsky_1874.jpg (1.15 MB)

Rapids on the Upper Han River

Martino Map Shensi (Shaanxi)

Martino_Martino_1665_Xensi.jpg (2.35 MB)

1665 Martino Martini map of Shaanxi showing Shu Road

Fr Armand David Map of Travels 1873

Fr_Armand_David_Map_web.jpg (1.28 MB)

Map showing Qin/Han travels by Fr Armand David in 1873

Russian Expedition Map

Piassetsky_Map_web.jpg (2.43 MB)

Map by P. Piassetsky for Russian Expedition 1874

Isabella Bishop Map of Travels 1897

Bishop_Merge_web.jpg (2.12 MB)

Map of Travels by Isabella "Bird" Bishop to Sichuan in 1897

Sir Eric Teichman's Map of travels in 1917

Teichman_Merge_web.jpg (2.26 MB)

1917 travels through Shaanxi and Gansu by Sir Eric Teichman


If you have broadband access and wish to download the Teichman Jpeg images you can access a zip file of them (23 MB) HERE. If you wish to download the Other Jpeg images you can access a zip file of them (12.5 MB) HERE.



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