Materials for the Chinese translation of an English Language paper about Sir Eric Teichman's travels on the Tangluo Road


The main section of an English language document about Sir Eric Teichman's travels on the Tangluo Road by David Jupp was translated into Chinese by Peng Minjia and presented at a Conference in Hanzhong in November 2013. The reference to this paper is:
David Jupp (Jia Dawei) author, Peng Minjia Translator, "Sir Eric Teichman and the Tangluo Road", in Collected papers for the "Symposium on China's Shu Roads", edited by the Hanzhong City Museum, November 11, 2013.
中国蜀道学术研讨会论文集,汉中市博物馆编,2013年11月,[澳]David Jupp(贾大伟)著、彭敏佳译《台克满先生和傥骆道》
The English and Chinese documents have since been revised, brought up to date and aligned with a new extract being made from the original English document. On this page can be found two PDF files for the English and Chinese versions with Figures included in suitable places. In addition, ZIP files of the two microsoft WORD files containing the English and Chinese versions WITHOUT the Figures can also be obtained. Finally, a ZIP file of a Folder with all 18 Figures in it as Jpeg files can be downloaded. The three ZIP files are designed to be downloaded before they are opened. The PDF files should open from the browser and can then be saved.

These materials are sufficient for any further revisions as well as for conversion to other publishing software. For quick reference, the two PDF files for preview are:

Preview English Version (1.5 MB) and
Preview Chinese Version (2.0 MB).




Item Name



Teichman_on_the_Foping_Trail_revised_v2_Figs_EN.pdf (1.5 MB)

English PDF with Figures


Teichman_on_the_Foping_Trail_revised_v2_Figs_CH.pdf (2.0 MB)

Chinese PDF with Figures

3 (109 kB)

English MS Word without Figures

4 (81 kB)

Chinese MS Word without Figures

5 (10.2 MB)

Folder of Jpeg Figures


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