Work Address:  School of Physical, Environmental and Mathematical Sciences, UNSW@ADFA, Canberra, ACT 2600, Australia.


E-Mail Address:




  • 1987:   PhD, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney
  • 1977:   Bachelor of Arts, University of Sydney (Honours First).


Awards and Fellowships:


  • The Australasian Institute of Spatial Information Science and Technology (AISIST) Prize in recognition of a “substantial contribution to the study of the science of Urban and Regional Information Systems”, 1997.
  • The Land Victoria Fellowship, University of Melbourne, 1999.
  • The Eminent Individual Award; Australasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association  (AURISA) 1999.
  • Fellow of the Australasian Urban and Regional Information Systems Association  (AURISA) 2003.
  • Fellow of the Spatial Sciences Institute (SSI)  2004.


Present Appointment:   Professor of Geography, UNSW@ADFA


Most significant recent invited presentations of research:


·        Lees, B.G. 2005, ‘Building social networks to facilitate GISc education’, Past Chairs’ Invited Presentation to the GISc Specialty Group, Annual Meeting of the Association of American Geographers, Denver, 5-9th April, 2005.

·        Lees, B.G. 2004, ‘Difference versus Change’, Keynote Presentation to the SIRC Colloquium on Spatio-Temporal Information, Dunedin, NZ, November, 2004.

  • Lees, B.G. 2003; ‘Spatial analysis of Spectral Data’, Keynote presentation to the ISPRS Conference on Spatial Analysis and Decision Making, Hong Kong, 3-5 December, 2003. 
  • Lees, B.G. 2003; ‘Communicating spatial information simply, sententially and colloquially’,   Keynote presentation  at the Web Enabled GIS Technologies Conference, Melbourne, Victoria. 26th - 27th June, 2003.
  • Lees, B.G. 1999 ‘Modelling patterns in space’, Keynote presentation at the IASTED International Conference on Applied Modelling and Simulation, Cairns, September, 1999.
  • Lees, B.G. 1999 ‘Applying signal detection theory to spatial data’, AGI Keynote presentation at GIS Research UK Conference, University of Southampton, April 1999.




Book Chapters:


Lees, B.G. 2006. Remotely Sensed Data, Chapter 6 in Wilson, J.P. and Fotheringham, A.S. ‘A Handbook of GIS’, Blackwell, in press.


Lees, B.G. and Bone, J. 2003. (eds) Spatial Science without Boundaries: Proceedings of the First Spatial Sciences Conference (SSC 2003), Canberra, November 2003. ISBN:0-9588349-8-9.


Roddick, J.F. & Lees, B. 2001. Paradigms for Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Data Mining. Chapter 2  inDiscovering Geographic Knowledge in Data Rich Environments’, Miller, H & J. Han (eds). Taylor & Francis, London. ISBN: 0415233690.


Lees, B.G. & S. Hafner, 2000. The separation of natural from cultural spatial patterns in an area of intensive agriculture using GIS and artificial intelligence. in   ‘GIS and Geocomputation’,  P. Atkinson & Martin, D. (eds). Taylor & Francis, London. 188-205. ISBN 0-7484-0928-9. (Keynote Address).


Papers in Refereed Journals:


Huang, Z and Lees, B.G. 2006. Assessing a single classification accuracy measure to deal with the imprecision of location and class: fuzzy weighted Kappa versus Kappa.  International Journal of Geographic Information Science. In press.


Lees, B.G. 2006. Formation of coastal dunes in northern and eastern Australia. Journal of Coastal Research, 22(1), 78-89.


Hill, M.J., Braaten, R., Veitch, S.M., Lees, B.G, and S. Sharma, 2005. Multi-Criteria decision analysis in spatial decision support: the ASSESS Analytic Hierarchy Process and the role of quantitative methods and spatially explicit analysis. Environmental Modelling and Software.  20, 955-976.


Doran, B. and Lees, B.G. 2005. Investigating the spatio-temporal links between disorder, crime and the fear of crime. Professional Geographer. 57(1),  1–12.


Huang, Z and Lees, B.G. 2005. Representing and reducing error in natural resource classification.  International Journal of Geographic Information Science. 19(5), 603-621..


Huang, Z and Lees, B.G. 2004. Combining Non-Parametric models for multisource predictive forest mapping. Photogrammetric Engineering & Remote Sensing. 70(4), 415-427.


Laffan, S. and Lees, B.G. 2004. Predicting regolith properties using environmental correlation: a comparison of spatially global and spatially local approaches. Geoderma, v120(3-4), pp 241-258.


Van Niel, K., Laffan, S.W. and Lees, B.G. 2004. Error and uncertainty in environmental variables for ecological modelling: Sensitivity of variables to error in source elevation data. Journal of Vegetation Science, 15: 747-756.


Lees, B.G. 2003. Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Modeling, International Journal of Geographic Information Science, v17, 291-298.


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Lees, B.G. 2001.Advances in Remote Sensing and GIS analysis, International Journal of Geographic Information Science, v15; 197-199.


Summerell, G.K., T.I. Dowling, P.D. Richardson, B. Lees & J. Walker, 2000. Modelling current parna distribution in a local area. Aust. J. Soil Research 38(4); 867-878.


Editorial appointments: 


1996-Present.             Editor, (Asia-Pacific), International Journal of Geographical Information Science.

2004 - Present             Editorial Board,  Applied GIS

1996 - Present.            Editorial Board, GEOINFORMATICA

1996 – 1999                Editorial Board, Transactions in GIS.

1996                            Guest Editor of Computers and Geosciences,  2/1996.

2001 –2004                 Member, International Association of Science and Technology for Development (IASTED Technical Committee on "Modelling and Simulation".

1998- 2002                 Member, International Task Force on Metadata for GIScience  Education Materials, part of the Instructional Management System project.


Commissions & Committees


Full Member of the International Geographical Union Commission on Geographical Information Science representing Australia (2004 - 2008).

Foundation Chair of the Institute of Australian Geographers Geographical Information Science, Spatial Analysis and Modelling Specialty Study Group (2004 – 2005).



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