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Feng Suiping was born in 1966 at Jingyang in Shaanxi. He graduated from the History department of the Northwest University (Xi'an) in 1988, spent time teaching in the history department at Ankang Normal School and is now Director of the Hanzhong Museum and researcher in historical relics. He has helped author the books “Xu Xiake and cultural landscapes” (Shanghai Cultural Press, 1994), “The ancient Hantai historical site” (Shaanxi People's Fine Arts Press, 2002) and personally authored “A survey of records of Xu Xiake's travels” (Northwest University Press, 1995), “Hanzhong Museum” (Three Qin Press, 2003) and other publications. He has recently finished compiling “Hanzhong's collection of historical documents” and has published more than 80 research papers.


冯岁平 1966年生, 陕西泾阳人。1988年西北大学历史学系毕业, 遂执教安康师专政史系, 现为汉中市博物馆馆长, 文博馆员。已出版参著有"徐霞客与山水文化" (上海文化出版社, 1994)"古汉台胜迹" (陕西人民美术出版社, 2002), 独著有"徐霞客游记通论" (西北大学出版社, 1995)"汉中博物馆" (三秦出版社, 2003) , 完成"汉中文献丛书"的编较工作, 发表学术论文80余篇。



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Feng Suiping

Director, Hanzhong Museum

Hanzhong City, Shaanxi, PR China

Phone: +86 916 2231502





电话: +86 916 2231502




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