Senior Principal Research Scientist


Date of birth






Research Field


Technology development and application of Remote sensing and GIS




CSIRO, Land and Water




Dr David L B Jupp

20 Adkinson Close, Isaacs, ACT 2607 AUSTRALIA

Mobile:  +61 421 959 557   Email:   Wechat: dlbjwechat


Research Experience 研究经历

1973—1976  Post Doc/research assistant , Macquarie University, Sydney NSW大学,研究助理

1976—2009  Senior Principal Research Scientist, in CSIRO, 研究员

   Formerly Head of CSIRO office of Space Science Applications (COSSA) and Science Leader Earth Observation Centre. 曾任澳大利亚CSIRO空间科学应用办公室主任和地球观测中心业务主任。


Professional achievements:专业与主要学术业绩 Technology development and application of Remote sensing and GIS: including Image processing; the mathematics of modeling and (geo-) physical inversion; Physical modeling of radiation in the atmosphere, oceans, estuaries, rivers and inland waters and the land surface; Physics of radiation in plant canopies for agricultural and forest applications; Physics of radiation in water bodies for applications of optical water quality and benthic mapping;  computer systems analysis and programming. Awarded CSIRO Medal for Research Achievement in 1986 for leading research, applications and technology transfer in the microBRIAN system. 主要从事遥感与地理信息系统开发应用研究,包括遥感图象处理与数学建模;大气、海洋、河口、河流、内陆水域、地表等辐射物理模型;应用于农林遥感的植被冠层辐射机理研究;计算机系统与编程。因研究开发的microBRIAN图象处理系统1986年获CSIRO重大研究成果奖章。



List of major publications





The Echidna® ground based Lidar system used to map the properties of forests is the subject of a patent WO2002/065153: Parkin, David A., Jupp, David L.B., Poropat, George V., Lovell, Jennifer L. “Lidar system and method”. It has been granted US Patent No. 7,187,452, Australian Patent No. 2002227768, New Zealand Patent No. 527547, China Patent No. ZL 02 8 07968.X, Japan Patent No. 4108478, Hong Kong Patent No. 04108479.9, Canada Patent No. 2,437,897 and EU Patent No. 1358508. EU patent validated in UK, France, Germany, Austria, Sweden and Finland.


Journals & Refereed Publications


Fuqin Li, David L.B. Jupp, Medhavy Thankappan (2013). Issues in the application of Digital Surface Model data to correct the terrain illumination effects in Landsat images, International Journal of Digital Earth, 23, DOI:10.1080/17538947.2013.866701.


Xiaoyuan Yang, Alan H. Strahler, Crystal B. Schaaf, David L.B. Jupp, Tian Yao, Feng Zhao, Zhuosen Wang, Darius S. Culvenor, Glenn J. Newnham, Jenny L. Lovell, Ralph O. Dubayah, Curtis E. Woodcock, Wenge Ni-Meister (2013). Three-dimensional forest reconstruction and structural parameter retrievals using a terrestrial full-waveform lidar instrument (Echidna®). Remote Sensing of Environment, 135, 36–51.


Zhao, Feng; Yang, Xiaoyuan; Strahler, Alan; Schaaf, Crystal; Yao, Tian; Wang, Zhuosen; Roman-Colon, Miguel; Woodcock, Curtis; Ni-Meister, Wenge; Jupp, David; Lovell, Jenny; Culvenor, Darius; Newnham, Glenn (2013). A comparison of foliage profiles in the Sierra National Forest obtained with a full-waveform under-canopy EVI lidar system with the foliage profiles obtained with an airborne full-waveform LVIS lidar system. Remote Sensing of Environment, 136, 330-341.


Hopkinson, Chris; Lovell, Jenny; Chasmer, Laura; Jupp, David; Kljun, Natascha; Van Gorsel, Eva (2013). Integrating terrestrial and airborne lidar to calibrate a 3D canopy model of effective leaf area index. Remote Sensing of Environment, 136, 301-314.


Wang, Chunmei, Yang, Qinke, Guo, Weiling, Liu, Hongyan, Jupp, David, Li, Rui, and Zhang, Hongming (2012). Influence of resolution on slope in areas with different topographic characteristics. Compututers & Geosciences 41, 156-168.


Zhao, F, A.H. Strahler, C.L. Schaaf, T. Yao, X. Yang, Z. Wang, M.A. Schull, M.O. Román, C.E. Woodcock, P. Olofsson, W. Ni-Meister, D.L.B. Jupp, J.L. Lovell, D.S. Culvenor, and G.J. Newnham (2012). Measuring Gap Fraction, Element Clumping Index and LAI in Sierra Forest Stands Using a Full-waveform Ground-Based Lidar. Remote Sensing of Environment, 125, 73-79.


Lovell, J. L., V. Haverd, D. Jupp and G. Newnham (2012). The Canopy Semi-analytic Pgap and Radiative Transfer (CanSPART) model: Validation using ground based lidar. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 158: 1-12.


Fuqin Li, David L.B. Jupp, Medhavy Thankappan, Leo Lymburner, Norman Mueller, Adam Lewis and Alex Held (2012). A physics-based atmospheric and BRDF correction for Landsat data over mountainous terrain. Remote Sensing of Environment 124 (2012) 756–770.


Lovell, J., D. Jupp, G. Newnham and D. Culvenor (2011). Measuring tree stem diameters using intensity profiles from ground-based scanning LiDAR from a fixed viewpoint. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 66(1): 46-55.


Yao, T., Yang, X., Zhao, F., Wang, Z., Zhang, Q., Jupp, D., Lovell, J., Culvenor, D., Newnham, G., Ni-Meister, W., Schaaf, C., Woodcock, C., Li, X., and Strahler, A. (2011). Measuring forest structure and biomass in New England forest stands using Echidna ground-based lidar. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, 2965-2974.


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Li, F., D.L.B. Jupp, S. Reddy, L. Lymburner, N. Mueller, P. Tan, and A. Islam (2010). An Evaluation of the Use of Atmospheric and BRDF Correction to Standardize Landsat Data. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing (JSTARS), 3(3):257-270.

Hilker, T., M. van Leeuwen, N. Coops, M. Wulder, G. Newnham, D. Jupp and D. Culvenor (2010). Comparing canopy metrics derived from terrestrial and airborne laser scanning in a Douglas-fir dominated forest stand. Trees-Structure and Function, 24: 819-832.


Jupp, D.L.B., D.S. Culvenor, J.L. Lovell, G.J. Newnham, A.H. Strahler and C.E. Woodcock (2009). Estimating forest LAI profiles and structural parameters using a ground based laser called “Echidna®”. In Special issue for IUFRO Workshop Regional Forest Responses to Environmental Change, Tree Physiology, 29(2): 171-181.


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Book Chapters


Liang, S.L., Schaepman, M., Jackson, T., Jupp, D., Li, X.W., Liu, J.Y., Liu, R.G., Strahler, A., Townshend, J.R. and Wickland, D., 2008. Emerging issues in land remote sensing. In: S. Liang (Editor), Advances in Land Remote Sensing: System, Modeling, Inversion and Application, pp. 485-494.


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Selected Consultancy & Research Reports


Jupp, D.L.B. and J.L. Lovell. 2005. Airborne and ground-based lidar systems for forest measurement: background and principles. CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper 017, available at, 151 p.


Jupp, D.L.B., D.S. Culvenor, J.L. Lovell and G.J. Newnham. 2005. Evaluation and validation of canopy laser radar (LIDAR) systems for native and plantation forest inventory. Final Report prepared for the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation (FWPRDC: PN 02.2902) by CSIRO. Available as CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research Paper 020 at, 150 p.


Jupp, D.L.B. and Datt, B. (Eds) (2004). Evaluation of the EO-1 Hyperion hyperspectral instrument & its applications at Australian validation sites 2001-2003. CSIRO EOC Report series No. 2004/06, CSIRO EOC, Canberra ACT. (Under Publications & Reports/EOC Technical Report Series).


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